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Important: Jobs we are looking for!

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Important: Jobs we are looking for! Empty Important: Jobs we are looking for!

Post  EmilyLee on Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:11 am

Currently recruiting:

Lord Knight (Physical attacker)

Paladin (Devotion user/Healer/Devotion user + Healer*)

High Wizard (Magic caster/Land protector breaker/Spider web breaker)

Professor (Land protector placer/Land protector breaker)

Sniper (Trapper/Range attacker)

Gypsy/Clown (Tarot card user/Range attacker/Song user/Dance user)

High Priest (Pneuma placer/Healer/Buff user)

Champion (Asura user)

Whitesmith (Cart Termination user)

Creator (Slim potion pitcher/Potion pitcher/Acid user/Full chemical protection user)

Assassin Cross (Breaker/Scout)

Stalker (Range attacker/Magic caster/Scout/Harassment crew)

Gunslinger (Desperado spammer)

Star Gladiator (Breaker/Hater)

Soul Linker (Linker)

What are these specifications for?

It's easier for people to understand what will they be doing mostly during WoE sessions, but of course things may become spontaneous in certain situations. However once again by listing these out guild members will have a better idea on what their role is and which finger they would expect to hurt the most after the WoE.

Job roles description:

Physical attacker: Bowling Bash at most, also Spear Boomerang when necessary.

Devotion user: Literally a devotion user.

*Devotion user + Healer: For this, we're going to have to require players to completely give up Str and make themselves Vit to 120 Def while the rest goes to Int. But of course, basic stats will have to be added, however we are hereby requesting joining paladins to restrain themselves from attacking and play as a supporting role.

Magic caster: Cast magic until your fingers hurt. No joek, itz srs bsns.

Land protector breaker: High Wizard and Professor specialty. High Wizard will be in charge of Ganbantien, while

Professors focus on Land Protector over lapping.

Spider Web breaker: Literal means, brek de webz!

Land protector placer: Crucial role especially facing stack/box formation, which is now commonly used in WoE.

Trapper: In literal means, you trap people.

Range attacker: Focus Arrow Strike at best, but when facing individuals who are left out use Double Strafe is fine too. For Gypsy and Clown Double Strafe only, Arrow Vulcan won't be much help here since spam speed really does not matter.

Tarot card user: Spam Tarot on enemies in order to achieve purposes such as breaking equipments, dispelling, stun lock, and even coma.

Song user: Clowns and Gypsies will be mainly paired to use using the skill Invulnerable Siegfried, which increases resistance against elemental attacks and status ailments for all players in area of effect. As for clown personally, The Apple of Idun will be also needed to temporarily increase the amount of health the guild members have.

Dance user: Gypsy's will be mainly using the skill Please Don't Forget Me during portal defense in order to slow down incoming enemy movement. Yes ladies, do the charm.

Pneuma placer: My theory on Pneuma placing is that it plays a crucial role while attacking, especially pushing. Pneuma placing becomes very important since now a days most guilds commonly use box/stack formation, making long range attack the first option to use while going on offense or defense. Basically in order to push forth, Pneuma here becomes important to protect our guild members while pushing safely reach the opponent and let the physical attacks, Asura users, as well as Desperado spammers do their work.

Healer: The role of a healer should be common, although most of the time we would be relying on potion pitching from creators more often, however paladins and high priests will be asked to help out with healing problems especially when we are having individual rushing.

Buff user: The common ones are Blessing, Increase Agility, Assumptio while outside of castle, and Kyrie Eleison for inside of castle. Restrain from using Gloria and Magnificat, since these type of group skills will stop our guild members from moving a short second, which can be crucial at moments. If necessary, use them once every now and then.

Asura user: BOOM ASURA! Get what I mean Very Happy?

Cart Termination user: I'm sure this one will be the money burner in the guild, so unless you're economically well prepared, I strongly suggest not to use this job. However the reason why Cart Termination becomes so handy within WoE is because it is the paladin killer, in literal means.

Slim potion pitcher/Potion pitcher: The skill Slim Potion Pitcher is probably the most consecutive healing skill a guild can ever ask for, especially for box formations. As for Potion Pitcher, it is for healing individual rushes such as Gunslinger rush and Professor rush so they won't lie down immediately after leaving their defense position.

Acid user/Full chemical protection user: A creator's most powerful offensive skill is his/her acid throwing, and a creator's most powerful supporting skill is the chemical protection he/she gives so the equip won't break or get stripped.

Breaker: The ultimate emp. hugger.

Hater: Be a hater and hate on jobs. Despite the funny looking job description, haters here actually helps a lot when it comes to formation breaking. We will pair each hater up with devotion users, and send them front line in order to penetrate enemy defense.

Scout: Report back castles current situation and significant guild's movement.

Harassment crew: Strip for the lulz. But seriously, it may work at times when people aren't prepared coming to WoE.

Desperado spammer: In literal means, spam it until your fingers break off from your hand.

Linker: Specific linking skills are just plain awesome when able to be used. Linker plays quite a huge role than most people would expect during WoE.

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