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Post  element on Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:44 pm

1. What's your name? Johannes (JoJo)

2. How old are you? 21

3. Where do you live currently? Germany

4. What's your original nationality? German

5. Which guild(s) have your previously WoE-ed for? Invoke,provi,Reve..and some more

6. What jobs are you capable of playing well? Sinx,Pally,Champ,Sniper

7. Have you read Recruitment Section within the forum of our guild?

8. When are the times your are most available for WoE? Depends in my Workshifts Sad

9. Why do you want to join our guild? Beeing with my Friends

10. Do you have anything to tell us or would like us to know? Nope Razz

11. Which character would you like to join in as? And additional to that which characters are you on most often so we can contact you? Join: Sinx On:Creator,Prof,Champ


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Application Empty Re: Application

Post  Capeone on Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:48 pm

Wie geht es Ihnen


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Application Empty Re: Application

Post  EmilyLee on Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:24 pm

Question, what character names are you on the most?

It'll be much appreciated if you could answer so it'll make it easier for us and you to find each other and invite you in the guild as soon as possible!

Thanks for applying, hope to see you soon.

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Application Empty Re: Application

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