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Important: Necessary builds and equipments!

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Important: Necessary builds and equipments! Empty Important: Necessary builds and equipments!

Post  EmilyLee on Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:24 am

We would favor members to go with Vit build instead of Flee build, since Flee is hugely reduced once you enter WoE.
Able to live long is beneficial for yourself and to the guild during GvG-ing periods. Outwearing your opponent with the massive amount of health you have while your guild members provide excellent support and back-up for you, WoE will become an icing on the cake.

As for equipments, I will be blunt here, that I do tend to lean towards the people who have possessed all best equipments. However just having the necessary will do as well, since each and every member have their own potential within certain jobs, so I will not allow the equipments restriction restrain anyone from performing to their fullest during WoE.

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